Are you right for UniGrow?

UniGrow is good for your wallet, good for the UK and good for your long-term prospects. But it isn’t for everyone. Over to you to decide if you fit.

Candidate profile

  • Physically fit – able to work long days outdoors, with frequent bending and moderate lifting
  • Mentally motivated – by earning good money, feeding the nation or growing your skills and knowledge… we don’t mind!
  • Energetic, enthusiastic, resilient, cooperative, flexible
  • Legally allowed to work full time in the UK (for the period of the contract)
  • Available to live and work away from home, anywhere in the UK, for 6–12 weeks or more
  • “Locked down” and Covid-19 symptom-free for two weeks before start date (that is, not working in an environment with public contact)
  • Preferably a current student, recent graduate or finishing pre-university gap year
  • Keen to develop long-term career skills of teamwork, problem-solving, timekeeping
  • Sense of adventure and an open mind!
  • Over the age of 18

Individual or group?

If you tick the boxes, why not get a bunch of friends together and apply as a group of 2–6? You’ll get priority this way because farmers find that people who arrive as a team also work as a team. They’re generally more productive and less likely to drop out, because they have already bonded and support each other.

We will always try to accommodate mates on the same farm and in the same caravan, which might be the only way you’ll get to be together this strange summer of 2020 and Covid-19.

On the other hand, if you apply as an individual, we’ll do our best to house you with other UK students of the same gender. You should soon settle in and might make friends for life.

What you need to know

The pros

Productive – in more ways than one

  • Earn excellent money – typically £10+ per hour (35 to 45 hours a week)*
  • Do your bit for the economy, the environment and society – as a key worker
  • Cultivate your employability: teamwork, timekeeping, problem solving, resilience… and more
  • Get out and get fit after lock-down!
  • Live and work with your friends and meet a culturally diverse range of new people
  • Learn about food production and an amazing sector of the UK economy
  • Subsidised accommodation usually in shared caravans, with no social distancing required
  • Strictly regulated industry with rigorous training and safety standards
  • Ideal for groups of friends, but also for physically fit and mentally motivated individuals

*Contracts are on a zero-hours basis, but there is a reasonable expectation of 35–45 hours’ work a week, depending on the farm and the readiness of the crop.

The cons

Not exactly Glastonbury (but lots of mud)

  • Commit to at least 6 weeks of full-time work and to productivity targets
  • Work VERY hard with long hours and early starts
  • Not your typical internship, so you’ll need to tease out the career benefits (don’t worry, we’ll help)
  • Get wet, get muddy, get tired, get achy…
  • Not much time or energy for socialising after a long day
  • Tasks can be very repetitive and very physical
  • You need to organise and pay for your initial travel, but daily transport to work (if necessary) provided free of charge
  • If one person has Covid-19 symptoms, no one from the same “household” gets to work
  • Social distancing required at work and when socialising with other caravans
  • Limited places, allocated on a first-come, first-served basis with priority given to groups and flexible availability

Still interested in UniGrow?

We are currently accepting applications on a first-come, first-served basis with priority given to groups of 2–6 people.

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