The hard work

Every farm and every crop is different, so it’s hard to generalise about the work you’ll be doing every day. You might be working in a field or an orchard, a giant salad “rig” (like a mobile factory) or a greenhouse. You might be picking soft fruit or packing hard vegetables, or possibly both picking and packing salad and herbs. You might be on the Isle of Wight or in the Fens of East Anglia. You might be standing, sitting or even lying front-down on a conveyor belt.

All we can say is that you’ll be well rewarded. In return be prepared to:

  • - Get your hands dirty (and the rest of you sweaty)
  • - Be outside in all weathers (or inside a hot greenhouse)
  • - Do repetitive, physical tasks (day after day)
  • - Get up early (sometimes starting at dawn)
  • - Do lots of bending and lifting (full health and safety training provided)
  • - Feel physically tired at the end of a long day (8+ hours, 6 days a week)
  • - Have muscles that ache (in the first week or two at least)
  • - Meet your productivity targets (after paid training and practice at minimum hourly wage)
  • - Do without your home comforts (probably in a shared caravan)
  • - Live communally with colleagues (shared showers, toilets and cooking facilities)
  • - Follow the Covid-19 workplace rules (especially strict in the first week)
  • - Prove that you can rise to a challenge!

What you can expect

Job descriptions

Click on the sample job specs to imagine two very different days at work.


Tomato picker

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Strawberry picker

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Still interested in UniGrow?

We are currently accepting applications on a first-come, first-served basis with priority given to groups of 2–6 people.

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